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V&A Mausoleum

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This Grade II listed building, within the Royal Windsor estate, contains the sarcophagi of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.  Work commenced on the Royal Mausoleum in March 1862, although it took a further nine years to complete the intricate decoration.  

Over a number of decades the building has suffered environmental damage caused by moisture rising from ground water, and internal condensation due to changes in internal and external temperature and humidity.

Working closely with renowned conservation expert, Tobit Curteis, we developed a sensitive design to re-balance the environmental conditions without impacting Renaissance-style painted and marble frescoes.  

Our thermal modelling studies demonstrated the conditions throughout the year, and the efficacy of various engineering solutions. The final designs balanced the conditions in both the crypt and the mausoleum, enabling the building fabric to dry out over several years.

Using a combination of conservation heating and conservation ventilation we made optimal use of external air at the correct absolute humidity to ventilate the spaces. This was made possible by crypt-mounted mechanical plant and a small passive ventilator.

CLIENT:  The Royal Household

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