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V&A: Videogames

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Videogames is an exhibition that will showcase the transformations that have happened in the world of videogame design over the last decade.  The exhibition will be fully interactive, guiding the visitor through game design, programming and even ‘hacking’.  

This installation will be made up of numerous and complex services encompassing sophisticated lighting, audio-visual and IT; many of which are required to interact seamlessly with each other.  

The exhibition will be housed in the V&A’s 900m² temporary exhibition gallery.

Acclaimed exhibition designer, Pernilla Ohrstedt Studio, has appointed us to carry out full mechanical and electrical designs, all of which will be fully integrated with and connected to the museum’s existing M&E services.  Our electrical and small power designs will assist the specialist lighting designer to set the mood for each zone in the exhibition, and our mechanical ventilation designs will ensure the exhibition is well ventilated without disrupting the air flow and fire alarm systems within the large, temporary exhibition hall.

CLIENT:  V&A Museum


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