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Science Museum: Robots

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Robots explores the 500-year story of humanoid robots, featuring over 100 robots; from 16th century automaton to today’s androids. 

We were appointed to develop the electrical scheme for the exhibition, which will be housed in 800 m² of dedicated space that we completed the shell-&-core designs for ten years ago. Temporary exhibitions in this gallery change regularly and once ‘Robots’ closes in London it will embark on a five year UK and international tour. 

Our responsibilities includes the provision of Employer’s Requirements specifications covering the power, data, security, fire alarms, emergency lighting and AV cabling, as well as the ongoing technical reviews and monitoring of the installations on site.

The exhibition has been designed on a modular basis employing a ‘plug and play’ philosophy to assist rapid installation and de-installation during the touring periods.  To ensure the equipment can be moved safely and cables can be connected / disconnected easily by museum teams our designs include features such as power distribution equipment fitted into flight cases, and plug-in wiring and communication systems.

On 16th May 2018, the Robots project was awarded Highly Commended status at the Museums + Heritage Awards 2018 in the Temporary or Touring Exhibition category.

CLIENT:  The Science Museum

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