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Peckham Pulse Sports Centre

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SVM was involved in all aspects of engineering design for the Peckham Pulse Healthy Living Centre. The centre provides an exceptional resource that responds to the challenges of health promotion and prevention of ill health. The aim of the centre is to provide quality sport, leisure and fitness services accessible to everyone; in an environment that is safe, friendly and offers the highest standard of service.

The complex contains a mix of health and leisure facilities including:

  • A 25 meter swimming pool and hydrotherapy pool
  • Soft play area, Creche
  • Fitness, lifestyle and Spa suites
  • Health suite, counselling rooms, physiotherapy area, massage room, consulting room and meeting room

SVM designed the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for the centre, as well as domestic and pool water services. Electrical and lighting installations were also designed by SVM.

A particular challenge was the co-ordination and integration of extensive engineering services into a modern, lightweight glass and steel structure. At the same time strict regulatory requirements had to be met.

The Peckham Pulse is an innovative joint venture providing state of the art facilities to improve the quality of life and enable people to achieve their full potential. It is an exciting community project and the centre was nominated for the Leisure Property Awards.

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