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Natural History Museum: Collections Infrastructure

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The Collections Storage Infrastructure framework agreement consisted of four projects at the South Kensington site:

Large Vertebrate Store – relocation of the Entomological and Zoological Collections and departments to allow the collection stores to be upgraded. This upgrade included the provision of energy efficient LED lighting whose low UV output will aid the ongoing conservation of the collection.

Quarantine – creation of two facilities for the quarantine and decontamination of new items, and preservation of existing exhibits. The completed labs are used by the museum’s technicians, and hired to external specialists so they were completed to a world class standard.

Molecular Collections Facility – design of a storage facility for the management and maintenance of molecular collections including DNA and tissue samples using cryogenics and liquid nitrogen storage. Detailed risk assessments and reviews of all equipment failure and back up procedures formed part of our responsibilities.

Archives  – creation of an environmentally controlled, BS5454 compliant archive for paper-based modern and historic collections. Low energy and passive design solutions were incorporated into the scheme.

CLIENT:  Natural History Museum 

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