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Audley Retirement Villages

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Audley build and manage a number of award-winning, luxury retirement villages in variety of locations across England.  Their properties are made up of high-quality cottages and apartments, with a central ‘hub’ where the communal facilities are located.  These facilities include a gym, swimming pool, salon, restaurant, bar and library.  In many cases this central hub is accommodated within an historic, often listed, building.

The expertise we provide to Audley covers a broad spectrum of our services; mechanical, electrical, public health and lift services designs, energy strategies, surveys and facility services audits. We also act as Audley’s representative, monitoring the contractor’s works and witnessing / commissioning on site.

To date, we have provided specialist design, energy and commissioning services for the following Villages:

We endeavour to include low energy solutions where ever possible in these schemes.    For example, we utilised ground-source heat pumps in Inglewood,  photovoltaic panels in St Elphin’s,  combined heat and power (CHP) in St George’s and high-efficiency boilers in Binswood.  Every one of our schemes has efficient LED lighting throughout, and in three locations we specified heat recovery systems.

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