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Audley Retirement Villages

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Audley build and manage a number of award-winning, luxury retirement villages in variety of locations across England. Their properties are made up of high-quality houses, cottages and apartments, with a central ‘hub’ where the communal facilities are located. These facilities include a gym, swimming pool, salon, restaurant, bar and library.

In most cases Audley choose locations where an historic, often listed, building sits within large grounds. Following major redevelopment works the village ‘hub’ is accommodated in this central house, with the private one- and two-bed residences being built from scratch in a series of pods around the grounds. The villages range in size and scale, with Inglewood, Berks (set in 39 acres of grounds) and Binswood, Warks (90 residential units) being two of the largest.

The expertise we provide to Audley covers a broad spectrum of our services; mechanical, electrical, public health and lift services designs, energy strategies, surveys and facility services audits. We also act as Audley’s representative, monitoring the contractor’s works and witnessing / commissioning on site.

To date we have provided specialist design, energy and commissioning services for a number of Audley Retirement Village locations.  More specific details about each project can be found in our Residential sector project profiles.

CLIENT:  Audley Retirement Villages

Audley Binswood (Leamington Spa) - 60 apartments in phases 2 and 3

Audley Chalfont Dene (Buckinghamshire) - 52 apartments in phase 2

Audley Clevedon (Yorkshire) - 38 apartments in two blocks

Audley Ellerslie (Great Malvern) - 80 apartments

Audley Inglewood (Berkshire) - 33 apartments

Audley St George’s (Edgbaston) - 94 apartments in phases 1 and 2

Audley St Elphin’s (Matlock) - 69 apartments in phases 3, 4, 5 and 6

Audley Runnymede (Surrey) - 78 apartments

Audley Stanbridge Earls (Romsey) - 155 apartments



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