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Our tight-knit team has a formidable track record. From surveys to large-scale, complex developments, we deliver high quality, precise and cost-effective solutions. Our portfolio of current and recent work ranges from extensive mixed use developments (comprising luxury residences, retail and offices) to high-profile museums, libraries and many other national treasures.

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Mixed-Use & Development Mixed-Use & Development

Mixed-Use & Development

  Mixed use developments present us with some complex challenges. By their very nature the demands upon them are diverse and, often, conflicting. Our reputation in this sector is exceptional, delivering noteworthy projects, such as Imperial Wharf, for some of the country’s leading developers.

Offices & Commercial Offices & Commercial

Offices & Commercial

  We deliver a fully-integrated engineering services package, comprising all the elements required to sustain today’s dynamic offices. From fit-outs to shell-and-core / CatA schemes our experts bring years of knowledge, enhanced by the very latest thinking, to design a fully optimised and flexible office building.

Residential Residential


  Quite possibly one of the most rapidly changing sectors in our portfolio! Throughout our years of experience we have continuously helped our clients navigate a plethora of ever-changing regulations to deliver cost-effective and efficient private residences.

Museums & Galleries Museums & Galleries

Museums & Galleries

  Our unique understanding of the exacting requirements of this specialised sector makes us one of the UK’s leading providers of such projects. Intricate design is the key here, and we create schemes to sustain humidity, temperature and lighting at precise levels, preserving the integrity of the nation’s priceless artefacts.

Libraries & Archives Libraries & Archives

Libraries & Archives

  Our industry-leading expertise in this sector has been engaged by an array of clients, involving a wide variety of buildings and BS5454 space. We employ exacting services to maintain the stable conditions crucial to the preservation of priceless books and articles, from acclimatisation rooms to show cases.

Health Care Health Care

Health Care

  We deliver resilient services for medical facilities in both the public and private sectors.   It is our aim to deliver state-of-the-art services which can be maintained in a live environment in a cost-effective way.

Hotels & Leisure Hotels & Leisure

Hotels & Leisure

  From community-based leisure centres to luxurious retreats, we design spaces that people want to visit time-and-time again.  Our designs always start with the end-user’s requirements in mind, creating customer-centric facilities by paying attention to details beyond the requisite MEP services.

Education Education


  We have undertaken projects at all levels of education, from foundation to higher establishments, in every case delivering well-equipped facilities that are cost-effective to build, run and maintain.

Theatre & Auditoria Theatre & Auditoria

Theatre & Auditoria

  From the grand halls of the Queen’s Theatre to the more modern spaces of the Chicken Shed and Brindley Arts Centre, we have designed many award-winning schemes. It is important for us to create services solutions that balance the conflicting needs of the performers and the audience within a single chamber.


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