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SVM Consulting Engineers
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Why SVM should be in your team


We are a highly-skilled and enthusiastic engineering design consultancy whose considerable expertise informs our ethos of “inspiring thoughtful design” on every project we undertake.

  • We start with the end in mind, paying heed to the client’s needs whilst understanding the parameters of the project. It’s important to us to meet with the client early and deepen our understanding of their aspirations enabling us to develop truly integrated design solutions.
  • We take a balanced approach to each project, identifying the complex relationships between creativity and precision; flexibility and planning; regulations and cost. Our pragmatic approach delivers results, innovation and efficiencies in buildings created with the future in mind.
  • We perform as one team because a continuous dialogue with the client and the other professionals on the project is the key to delivering a successful project. Through workshops and frequent, informal forums we pinpoint mutual understanding, guide the collective thinking and facilitate proactive planning.
  • We act with integrity at all times. From the very moment we arrive for interview until project completion, the faces on our MEP team will be the same. Every project we work on, from concept to completion, is led by one of our Directors.
  • We like to inject energy into everything we do. At SVM we enjoy the unique benefit of our own in-house, energy studio, a team lead by one of CIBSE’s own advisors on future building. All the projects we receive are reviewed by this expert team to ensure we identify and exploit any opportunity for our client’s needs. 
  • We deploy a little Imagineering. Whilst we have some of the industry’s most experienced engineers working in our consultancy we also employ a number of bright-young-things, graduates and degree placement students, all of whom bring new ways of thinking, exciting new ideas and original concepts to our designs.

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